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Credit Risk & Knowledge Management

Q-Lana is the most comprehensive, fully configurable, easy-to-use credit management platform. Built on ZeroCode, Q-Lana provides the entry to the future of Knowledge Based Lending, It understands the Human Side of Digital Lending and helps the institutions to navigate through this change process.


Omni Channel Complaint Management

Omni channel complaint management platform integrates customer complaints from multiple sources into one single entity and automates the process of resolving the complaints. Built on ZeroCode, the solutions offers a seamless way to access customer issues and act upon.


E-Commerce & Marketplace

Built on ZeroCode, It assists the proprietors with overseeing stock, add or eliminate items, measure installments, process burdens, and satisfy orders, among numerous others. It offers all the things expected to run the application, successfully disentangling on the web store.


Monitoring & Decision Management

A Survey & analysis platform is built on ZeroCode, This helps to come out with a report on the inputs given to each institution in terms of money,manpower and investment and the returns of the investment might result in the form of a research publication ,a patent or a new product.


Unified Digital Classroom

Powered by ZeroCode, Wall-X is designed exclusively for conducive classroom education , Online Teaching, Virtual Classes, Connected Classrooms suitable for different systems of teaching in schools, colleges, universities or any training academy.

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