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Q. How many lines of CODING?

A: ZERO; Drag, Drop & Done.



How will a developer use ZeroCode?

Developers can design workflows that define the data and the interactions they need. It could be an API talking to another system, or a user performing an action. What’s important is that they can clearly define the data and the business rules that govern it. Developers can automatically generate the database, user interface, business logic and the processes behind it from the workflow that the user has designed, and then reconfigure accordingly against iterations.


What’s in ZeroCode?

It’s a disruptive digital factory for apps creation and management . May it be on web or mobile. It comes loaded with ready–to-use modules and is open to own specific developments and APIs. typically feature functionality such as model-driven development, point-and-click programming, drag-and-drop composability, wizard-based workflows and similar techniques.


How will ZeroCode platform approach IT development of Larger Organizations?

Yes, ZeroCode organization can supplement ZeroCode for large organizations not only to address their specific requirement but also helps with quickly produced tools. With features getting added, along with upgrades to the existing features, gets absorbed automatically into the platform, helping companies come out of re-coding business. In effect, as system evolves, the ZeroCode evolves with it.


I am with Agile Methodology, Do I need this?

Good, But that’s not enough. May it be traditional development or agile, cutting the time to deliver and providing a feedback loop quickly is critical.

ZeroCode platform offers micro sprints with incremental changes, two or even three times in a week instead of every two-to-five weeks.


How does ZeroCode can Scale up?

With each end-user demand helps ZeroCode platform to enhance its value. It simply scales with end user requirements. ZeroCode takes away coding from customization making it more adaptive that even end-users can handle changes seamlessly.

The IT development and resource challenges become more manageable and the new found rapid development capacity spurs innovation and competitive advantage digitally.


How much coding is involved with ZeroCode?

The spectrum of pre-built features, purpose driven widgets and available library of modules emphasises the lesser technical intervention. So, when you don’t require customization and you can deploy an app from start to finish. That’s the idealised ZeroCode scenario. However, when customizations and special modules are to be built, still it’s strictly ‘low code’ development.


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